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Success starts
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Collaborate with Tremblay-Michaud

Whether your HR department doesn’t quite meet the needs of your business, or is simply non-existent, poor management can have a negative overall impact. Because at the end of the day, your business’ growth prospects could be affected. 

Unlock your human capital’s potential with personalized HR support. Ensuring you’re well-surrounded by qualified people who understand career planning, recruiting, training or simply providing ongoing support can make all the difference.

That’s where Tremblay-Michaud comes in. We’re an HR consulting firm focusing our expertise on start-ups, every step of the way to your growth.

Make sure you are well prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges when it comes to your talents. Here are some concrete ways we can help your business:

  • Improving your business’s overall performance

  • Answering your organizational challenges

  • Reducing your turnover rate

  • Keeping your labour budget in check

  • Bringing focus on the expertise required for your growth

  • Improving employee development

  • Ensuring employee satisfaction and motivation

  • Creating a positive work environment

  • Improving your employer brand

  • Solving internal conflicts with professionalism and objectivity

Who we are

Alexandre Tremblay-Michaud is a lawyer specialized in labour and employment law by trade. For as long as he can remember, he’s always been passionate about people.


He nurtured the idea of bringing together a niche expertise to support startups and scaleups, hence why every advisor of his team is using his or hers extended field experience to the startup ecosystem benefit. They’ll assist your organization and help you improve the planning and management of everything HR related, keeping your growth in mind. Tremblay-Michaud experts are always on the lookout so you can benefit from the latest trends and best HR practices, going beyond to experiment new ways to optimize your HR capabilities.

Our firm is eager to help with your current or future challenges by lifting your company’s workforce strengths and help you thrive.

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