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We thrive everyday in helping businesses generate fast sustainable growth through their workforce.



Improve your business’s profitability by implementing an effective HR growth strategy or avoid losses in case of financial hardships through a workforce reduction plan.


Our team can map out a plan for the future that fits your needs and advise you on what performance indicators will help you plan for any possible outcome, positive or otherwise.


Preparation is paramount… you can never predict what the future has in store!



We’re specialized in helping businesses find candidates who will fit your company culture and play a positive part in the growth and development of your business.

Our recruitment and hiring solutions are adaptable. We offer: 

  • Personalized support in helping you identify your needs, job descriptions, and more

  • Qualified head-hunters skilled in finding the person for the right job

  • The opportunity to take over hiring from A to Z during a busy hiring period


human capital development

What’s the key to a successful business? It starts with dedicated employees who make giving it their all a daily habit.


A workplace environment that recognizes employees’ successes, rewards their achievements and encourages their growth is one sure to keep your team invested and motivated for a long, long time.

Here’s how we can accomplish this: 

  • Devise training plans specifically for management and other employees

  • Create an employee retention program

  • Implementing a talent management system (for promotions and more)

  • Support for struggling employees


hr on-demand

Because a full-time HR department can be difficult to justify for start-ups.


Put your trust in professionals who know personnel, such as:

  • An on-demand HR executive (for strategic planning)

  • An HR director (for mentoring, quality validation, and more)

  • An HR advisor (for administrative tasks, development of corporate policies, conception of employee manuals and guidelines, and more.)


We offer a turnkey approach suited to you to provide your business with the necessary support for its growth and continual development. Quality human resources management can benefit your organization and create a more favourable working environment for your team.


grow your workforce in montreal

Ready to explore what Montreal has to offer in term of talents, but unsure where to start from? You’ll need a firm holding a local expertise, capable of designing an action plan fitted for your immediate needs and long-term vision in this new market.


Reach out to our experts for a turnkey solution:

  • Strategic planning (HR objective and strategy identification for expansion in Montreal)

  • Transiting and implementing (HR plan, immigration, recruiting and onboarding of your Montreal team)

  • Grow your talents (Employer brand, talent pipeline, internship programs within Montreal’s startup ecosystem)


Secure and increase your HR capabilities by choosing an active firm of Montreal’s start-up ecosystem.

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